I Attract

A fresh perspective on dating men in modern times

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  • Are you actively dating men or thinking about getting into the dating game?

  • Are you finding the dating process confusing or even frustrating?

  • Are you unsure how to protect your peace while dating?

I Attract is a friendly “hand up”

from women, for women.

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This interactive guide helps you identify the requirements for dating success

Your Happiness

Define exactly what brings you happiness in life, focused on simple, everyday habits, routines and activities.

Intentional Dating

Determine what qualities to consider when you decide who to date to ensure that it’s a successful experience.

Protect Your Peace

Define your boundaries from the start, identifying exactly what behaviors disrupt your personal peace.


Knowing what makes you happy and focusing on growing your happiness attracts people who align with your energy.

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Ready to start your successful dating journey?

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